The game is not violent it is a age appropriate for up to 3 years old or more
It is yo ho you can get the app or you can play on safari
Search up the name the press on the very top and this is what it says pirate battle Royale io game

Copy that then paste it on safari or google if you do have the app you can just play on there

How to play

1. You tap the website then you click start to play

2. After you join the game

3. How to move is simple just drag and the same to go more fast in step 4 when it glows also

4.Then start to battle by touching the screen or if you want to be more strong tap on the screen for a long time and move to chase for enemy’s then your sword glows blue the map it will say the amount of people left in the game if there is two it is you and someone else if there is one you win