So I became a LITERAL GOD in…

Clearify, these kind of contents won’t continue if no one likes it, also, is just some random games I play at school when I am bored, but I found myself really really good at it, as well, if this video does gets good views, I will upload more .io game contents and as well I will be continueing Roblox and Minecraft content. Anyways, if you liked this video, considering subscribing, it is COMPLETELY FREE and it shows A LOT support to me, also this is my first time making a .io game video so comment down below if you have any feedbacks!

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Gamer Keys: awsd is a brutal battle royale io game. In this pirate themed fight to the death you’ll start off as a simple level 1 character who barely knows how to swing their sword. With time and experience you will slowly begin to level up, each new level grows you a little bit and makes your swings more powerful.